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I wish we had somebody to go with....

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

All too often travel ideas fall by the wayside because people want to go places and wish they had a group to travel with. They really want to go, but they don't "know anybody" that'll go with them, and they just settle for what they know for the obvious reasons. When other people travel with you, it helps make foreign places feel safer. Having a travel agent set that group up with places to stay, and things to do, pre booked tours, and recommended eateries takes the stress away and you can enjoy the trip and get the most of your time and money. Your precious time won't be wasted on the details that can make or break a nice trip.

This is the direction I want my travel agency to go in. I want to create group trips to places that we want to see. We can do beach vacations in the Caribbean at an All-Inclusive resort, a Greek Isles cruise, a South African safari, a week at Disney, visit Jamaica for their annual SumFest, visit Paris, hang out in Hawaii, or anywhere else including suggestions I get for other places. It can be couples, it can be girlfriends, guy's trips, they will be solo traveler friendly, family trips, etc. I already set up group trips for people that have their own groups, like family or class reunions, birthday trips, and weddings. I just want to make group travel available to others that may not have someone to travel with. It can create lifelong friendships and future travel plans, and encouragement to visit a place that was never on your bucket list to begin with. I want to help people make their travel dreams come true. I want people to have nice pictures to show the next time someone ask, "Where you been?"

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