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Why Cruises?

My friends, family and even clients always ask why I love cruises.  They all know that as of this date I've been on at least 18 of them.  They all want to know what's so addictive about them, lol.  Well, first of all, I'm a very busy person, I'm always multi-tasking to make sure that everything I have to do is done on time, and also juggling home responsibilities.  I cannot rest or relax until I'm satisfied that my tasks are complete or will be complete.  Cruises are the only vacation where I can fully relax,  I unpack one time and its on.  No laundry days, no cooking, no cleaning, no phone, no emails.  It's a beautiful thing!  I hit the spa for a massage or a facial or both,  and the hair salon, at least once per cruise.  Ready to eat?  I can go to dining room and get waited on or stay in my shorts and hit the buffet,  and I don't even have to decide which one until the moment comes.  Also, I bring a couple books along also to catch up on my reading that I don't get to do at home.  It's a real vacation for me.  The cruise lines offer numerous excursion options in each port, so if there's any place I want to explore, I look online before the cruise and set it up.  That pre-work also helps with my "me time" while onboard.  No stress, just chill.  The crew onboard makes it all the better, from the room steward, to the dining room wait staff and even the friendly bartenders, you never have to wonder where they are, they have mastered prompt, courteous, personalized service.  It's become what I expect of them and I have never been let down. In closing, I have one coming up in a few months that I need to go finish my online check in.  I'm so excited!  I hope you join me on a cruise one day.   

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