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How to Eat and Navigate like a local

Everywhere I go, I search for the locals favorites.  There are always the places that are "recommended" and then there are the "good spots".  I'll search high and low for the "good spots".  I remember a few years ago on our trip to Hawaii, I was talking with a local lady that worked at the hotel and she recommended some great restaurants and places to go, and told us how to get there by bus.  Off we were!  We visited several of the places she recommended and also a Cinco de Mayo street festival in Chinatown.  Those places and the city bus rides is what made that trip memorable.  Growing up in New Orleans I've always noticed there are "French Quarter restaurants" and then there are "good restaurants".  Some French Quarter establishments are lucky enough to make both lists.  But most of the French Quarter restaurants are upscale, bourgeois, pricey and bland.  The ones I prefer are usually neighborhood establishments that seem to slowly gain popularity over the years from the locals that frequent them.  They show up regularly and often.  It may be family dinner one night, breakfast one morning, stop in with friends for drinks one evening, a morning cup of coffee and conversation, or even a place to meet an associate or client.  Then, once your friends know, it becomes their spot.  I operate a few Airbnb's, and either by message before they come, or a phone call after they get here, everyone wants to know where they should eat.  Some specifically ask about French Quarter restaurants but most seem to want to know where they can try good gumbo, etouffee, grilled oysters.  Almost always, the places I recommend are places I frequent off my "good restaurants" list.  I know the importance of finding the local's spots.  It's why I always have recommendations ready for guests and it's why I travel. 

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